Product innovations

Powder coating
on non-conductive

Patented product innovation for surface finishing.

Patented product innovation for surface finishing.


McoatPLUS® is a patented powder coating that offers diverse and practical design options for non-conductive materials in numerous colours and with matt, semi-gloss, gloss and transparent finishes.


Revolutionising plastic surfaces

McoatPLUS® brings a new dimension to the finishing of plastic surfaces. This innovative powder coating provides first-class solutions for surface finishes that take both the aesthetics and functionality of plastic products up to a new level.


Wood surface protection & enhancement

McoatPLUS® is a clear powder coating that not only revolutionises wood protection, but also provides innovative design options. It surpasses traditional lacquering in one step, without solvents, and enables customised colour finishes. McoatPLUS® safeguards wood while allowing for unique designs and is thus ideal for heavy-duty furniture such as that used in schools. The coating creates a durable, environment-friendly and visually appealing surface with just one application.


Creating new glass surface designs create

As a result of its advanced single- and double-sided coating technology, McoatPLUS® is able to transform glass finishing. It is ideal for applications such as office privacy screens, balcony glazing and stove glass, offering durability and scratch resistance that is superior to that provided by films and lacquers. Moreover, thanks to the option of individual colour design, McoatPLUS® creates high-quality glass surfaces, which are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also ecologically beneficial, as they do not require PVC or solvents.


bathroom fittings

McoatPLUS® technology opens up new dimensions for bathroom fittings by not only functionally enhancing elements such as toilet seats, lever handle plates and ventilation covers, but also visually unifying them. This innovative coating technology facilitates the provision of all these components with a uniform look that both appeals to the eye and is resistant to moisture and daily utilisation. McoatPLUS® thereby ensures that your bathroom fittings possess a harmonious overall appearance and are capable of withstanding the stringent requirements of everyday use.

injection moulding technology

Advanced McoatPLUS® coating technology makes it possible to achieve excellent surface finishing even with demanding engineering plastics that do not permit masterbatch colouring. In particular this is essential with regard to visible parts of aesthetic relevance and also raises end product value.

furniture industry

In the furniture industry, McoatPLUS® offers a solvent-free and efficient method of protecting and finishing wood furniture by means of a clear powder coating that is durable, aesthetically pleasing and environment-friendly. In addition, the technology allows the application of coloured coatings, thus enabling the fulfilment of individual design wishes that simultaneously safeguard wooden furniture and provide finishing in a variety of shades.

construction industry

In the construction industry, McoatPLUS® is employed to furnish components and structural elements with a resistant, durable and visually attractive coating that not only safeguards against environmental influences but also accentuates the architectural design.

kitchen equipment

For kitchen equipment, powder coating with McoatPLUS® provides a robust, resistant and optically pleasing surfaces that are capable of withstanding both heat and everyday wear and tear. For example, worktops, cupboard doors and kitchen appliances can be given a durable, easy-to-clean and aesthetically pleasing surface that enhances the overall appearance of the kitchen.

automotiv industry

In the automotive industry McoatPLUS® enables the application of high-quality, resistant coatings on non-conductive materials. This upgrades the durability, aesthetics and protective function of both interior and exterior components.


Advanced McoatPLUS®

Instant, efficient and direct conductive paint coating without any pre-treatment.

A climatic chamber is not required, which saves energy and protects the environment.

Boundless design possibilities permit unrestricted creativity.

To ensure a clean future, the coating does not require solvents.

A protective shield against moisture is formed thus preserving naturalness.

Immediate perfection direct from the oven provides maximum production efficiency.

Thomas Luger

Coating Technology, MKW Weibern

“Initially, I was unsure as to whether powder coating on non-conductive materials was possible, as it contradicted everything that we knew. However, in the production team, we accepted the challenge, contributed our own ideas and optimised processes. Moreover, through the testing of new materials, we created innovations, which demonstrated that boundaries could be pushed back. The resultant success confirms both our innovative capacity and commitment.”

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Jann Stoff

Sales Manager, McoatPLUS®

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